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BLC-T500 Summary

The BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod is a simple bolt-on, plug-and-play brake mod upgrade for the Thrustmaster T500RS or T3PA-Pro pedals -- the BLC-T500 will convert the brake pedal from a potentiometer-based, position-sensitive input to a load cell-based, pressure-sensitive input. 

T500RS or T3PA-Pro pedals equipped with the BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod will be fully compatible with the T500RS, TX, T300, and T150 wheel bases, and the pedals will be fully PC and console compatible depending on each wheel base's basic compatibility (e.g., the TX wheel will still be compatible with Xbox One, the T300 will still be PS3/4 compatible, etc.).

With the BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod installed, the T500/T3PA-Pro pedals can be used in either the "F1" (bottom-hinged) or "GT" (inverted/"hanging") style without impeding or limiting the overall versatility of the T500/T3PA-Pro pedals.

The BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod utilizes a 35kg (approx. 77 lb) load cell, giving the brake pedal for the T500RS/T3PA-Pro pedals a firm, realistic feeling.

Installation is easy -- there is no need to disassemble the pedals, and the mod can be easily removed to convert your pedals back to stock.  This means that installation of the BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod should not affect your warranty in any way.

Please note that this load cell is NOT compatible with the T3PA (non-Pro) pedal sets -- please see the BLC-T3PA Load Cell Mod for use with the T3PA (non-Pro) pedals.

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Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
It grows on you - Dimitri Adams - 12/27/2017
This mod will improve your driving. After mounting, it feels weird because of the short movement but after adjusting your "emergency stop" within iRacing (force factor), this mod will improve your driving. Braking feels more natural and your muscle training can begin.

5 product stars
Awesome product! Nothing else like it! - Kris Coker - 10/2/2017
Purchased one late last year and it took awhile to get one but it was worth the wait. It's a big improvement over the stock T3PA pedals. Reduced my lap times by a good percentage! It gave me a huge increase in pedal feel and control. Thanks John

5 product stars
Fantastic - Dennis Singleton - 3/20/2017
I've had this load cell on my T3PA-PRO pedals for a few weeks now and must say they are a fantastic upgrade. I have more control now when braking and have the confidence in races to ride very close to other drivers without the fear of rear ending them. I now rarely lock the wheels up when braking unless I intend too, or panic brake due to coming into a turn to fast. It takes a good amount of pressure to fully depress the brake, and if not using a rig, I'm not, it will push the chair back some. I would say if you intend to use your pedals for the foreseeable future this is a must have upgrade.

5 product stars
A "must have" for any T500 user - Andrew Carroll - 10/19/2016
Having tried a couple of mods for my T500 pedals (conical brake mod, Basher brake mod) I was unsure how much improvement this would make, particularly as I've never had a load cell based brake pedal before. However I would now rate this as a "must have" add-on...the difference is huge! It's not something that is easy to explain, but the short throw allows you to get to maximum braking force so much more quickly and predictably than with the regular brake pedal, which improves braking distance and consistency. The unit is clearly well made and special mention must also be made for the level of support John provides with his equipment, as the service is first class.

5 product stars
Nice Mod - Torben Fiehler - 9/26/2016
Just wanted to say that this mod is awesome. Easy to install, easy to learn and my speed increased a lot in comparison with the normal brake at the T500. The Load Cell Unit itself is of extremely high quality. A must have for every T500!

5 product stars
It was a must-have for me. And it is even better than I'd imagined. - crowhop - 7/8/2016
Just wanted to say thanks to John for the BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod. Service was fast and courteous. The site said they were Out of Stock, so on a whim I emailed and it went from there. And within a week I had it installed. The setup was pretty easy and braking feels better. And the Load Cell Unit itself is of extremely high quality. The build quality blew me away. As for driving, it feels as though I have much more precision when braking into corners. It took a couple of days to get accustomed to, but now I would never go back. I considered this a must-have upgrade for my pedals and, for me, I was right. It makes that much difference versus the standard brake w/ the default brake mod. I've had it installed for a week and it just seems to get better and better. Thanks your work, John.

5 product stars
Don't give up - Greg Brown - 6/24/2016
Iv'e had this for over 3 years and it's still going strong. Checked EVERY day for months before it was in stock. Don't give up. Eventually it will be there. I think this is a 1 man operation so don't expect huge numbers of stock available. Expect personal attention when you do order.

1 product stars
Never have stock - Dion - 5/21/2016
I check this site every couple of months for well over a year, maybe close to 2 years and everything is always permanently out of stock. Would be nice to have new t500rs shifters and load cell but this site just seems to exist to taunt people. It's a mystery how people manage to get products that they can rate.

5 product stars
BLC500 Brake mod - Markus Wall - 4/26/2016
Beautiful brake mod, got to say that i'm well impressed with this unit. Easy to install within 10 minutes and a well made solid unit. Definatly improves racing times and stops alot of anti-locking. This unit is worthy of any true sim racing gamer for a more interactive experience. Thank god for Bodin solutions, who have improved the T500 pedals for the better. What a legend.

5 product stars
Worth every penny! - Larry Augsbach - 2/6/2016
The entire process here was first class. Great communication, super fast shipping and first rate packaging. The BLC-T500 is a solid and well made part with clear instructions included in the box. Installation was a breeze and I was racing 20 minutes later. This mod is so much better than the stock brake pedal on the TM T3PA Pro pedal set...I took to the mod quickly and within an hour or so, I was setting a faster lap time on a GT6 seasonal race. This mod will allow me to be the best I can be and it helps increase the realism of GT6...I am able to disappear into the game and driving experience!! Excellent work John!

5 product stars
Un salto de calidad - Raul - 10/22/2015
Lo estoy usando en unos T3PA Pro. He notado una gran mejoría, y sobretodo cuando tengo que aprender un circuito nuevo. He pasado de tener que dar muchas vueltas para sacar tiempos decentes a dar unas pocas para obtener el mismo resultado. Esto es debido a que ahora no tengo que aprender también el recorrido del freno. Ahora la frenada es mas instintiva. Y en caso necesario puedo llegar al limite de la frenada sin bloquear ruedas. Ahora puedo prolongar mas la frenada. También frenar en curva de forma segura. Y soy mucho mas consistente en mis tiempos por vuelta. Puedo dar muchas vueltas seguidas con pocas decimas de diferencia. La instalación es muy sencilla. Yo no he tenido que desmontar nada de los T3PA. La garantia de los T3PA se mantiene. No me llevo mas de 5 minutos. No puedo estar mas contento. Ha sido una gran mejoría. --- Google Translate --- I am using it in a T3PA Pro. I've noticed a big improvement, and especially when I have to learn a new circuit. I've gone from having to do many turns to get a good time to get the same result in less turns. This is because I don't have to also learn the brake travel. Now braking is more instinctive. And if necessary I can reach the limit of the brake without locking wheels. I can now prolong my braking. Also braking in corners safely. And I am much more consistent in my lap times. I can give many consecutive laps with few tenths apart. Installation is very simple. I have not to unmount parts of T3PA. The warr

5 product stars
T500rs from portugal - Rui Pedro - 2/5/2015
This is the best MOD you can have for a T500rs,brake more,easyer and later.

5 product stars
Happy customer - A we page - 12/12/2013
I have been using this load cell mod for the last fee weeks and the more I use it the more I like it. It does take time to get used to the short stiff throw, this is especially true if you use the heal toe technique. You really need to build up your calf muscles to keep the loadcell brake row with your toes and blip the throttle at the same the. Admittedly I struggled, but I figured out a trick; if you play assetto corsa, net kar pro, ferrari academy or refactor there is a setting in each of those games I'm the brake calibration section that let's you either reduce the range or increase the rate. I suggest you do this if you have the same problem. This will greatly assist in heal toe because the pressure you need to push is reduced. For gt5 or 6 it is a bit trickier, you will need to remember to push it to your Mac pressure at the start of a game and remember not I exceed this pressure during he game otherwise you will have to incrementally increase the pressure to get full breaking. A your calf and ankle muscles get stronger to the point where you and easily push 35 kg with you toes then all these settings can bet set to normal for heal toe.

5 product stars
I love my T500 Pedal even more now - Marcus Hwang - 11/2/2013
Coming from CSP ( Fanatec ClubSport Pedal) V1, I found the T500 (inverted style) Stock pedal is really comfortable to race with, even more so than CSP, but one thing I am missing from the CSP is the Load cell brake. Now with BLC-T500 Load cell mod my T500 wheel is complete. PS: I've used Basher Skate bushing for almost 6-8 months now waiting for the BLC-T500 to be available again since I missed it last time, Spent 3 days of racing and practice for the muscle memory to ease up a little, Basher brake mod/skate bushing is much harder compare to BLC-T500 for first time I switch , but after 2-3 days, it feels very precise now and I can pull consistent lap times again. Thank you John .

5 product stars
This is what a real brake pedal feels like. Period. - Paul - 8/16/2013
Here is the email I sent to John after my kit arrived. John, the USPS man rang the doorbell at about 12 noon today. I was about to leave for a customer site visit, but managed to call and postpone the meeting. :) Alan wrench and #17 socket in hand I installed the mod to the pedal set, unhooked the Fanatec Clubsport pedals from the rig and fired up GT5. You have nailed the feel and action of a well bled and setup hydraulic braking system to a T. The issue I always had with the Fanatec pedals (on PC games) was that they felt like a poorly bled brake system - mushy pedal then decent feel when pedal travel is taken up. But who would want their brake pedal to feel like that? In my real life track car (highly modified C5Z06 with a 650bhp 427ci LS7 and functional aero) the pedal is firm and the less the travel the better. A lot like the way your mod feels. I then fired up the PC and rFactor/Historics and 1967 Longford (my favorite track) and all I can say is 'Perfect'. I just wish I had got this mod a while ago. This was money well spent. Thanks again for a great transaction and a fantastic product and feel free to use this email as an endorsement and example of positive customer feedback if you like. Regards, Paul

5 product stars
Great Mod - Michael W. - 7/28/2013
The Load Cell works great in GT-Style and the stiffness is perfekt, but in my view the brake is a bit too stiff in F1-Style. Its not really a problem for me, because I prefer the GT-Style. The installation is not a big thing and done in 10 minutes. After 10 hours of playing Gran Turismo with the Load Cell i must say, damn good job John. Thanks!

5 product stars
Thanks John - GTP_LeStig - 7/19/2013
Finally scored one of these and it was worth the wait !! Simple to install and works well. I'm still adjusting in game settings as its such a different feel to the original T500 but it is already an improvement..... Feels just like a proper completion pedal.... Thanks John ...

5 product stars
BLC-T500 vs others - Gerald Jones - 5/12/2013
First, I am not an expert by any means, but IMHO, based on owning and using the G27, CSP Elites, CST F1s, CSP V2, and T500RS w/Johns conversion follows: T500RS w/John's conversion performance beats G27 by wide margin. Price vs. performance - T500RS w/John's conversion wins, easily. T500RS w/John's conversion performance compares favorably with CSP Elites and CSP V2. Price vs.performance - about equal. T500RS w/John's conversion performance compares favorably with CST F1. Based on price/performance - T500RS easily my choice. My opinions reflect only my own performance feelings and also the price point differences. I never used the CSP V1 or any hydraulic or pneumatic pedals. therefore, no comment. Remember please, that this is only MY opinion.

5 product stars
Great Work - Dennis - 5/4/2013
Thank you very much for this great piece of work.

5 product stars
Just buy it - Greg Brown - 1/12/2013
If you are on the fence because of the price of this mod, just buy it. If you spent 500 for the T500RS you must be serious about your racing to begin with. This unit improves your driving experiece and is a breeze to install. I've had mine about a month and I love it.

5 product stars
You NEED this! - Jason White - 1/7/2013
I have had this kit installed for two weeks now and it is a whole new world of sim racing. No longer do I lock the brakes up and I can drive deeper into corners (both road and oval when it is necessary). I have never owned any other pedal system that has had a load cell from the factory, but I can not imagine anything better than the Trustmaster T500rs pedals and the Bodin Load Cell combination. Great work John and thank you.

5 product stars
Amazing Kit - Simon - 12/31/2012
This is an amazing product I can say without doubt great value for money. Following the instructions it took me all of 3 minutes to fit the load cell to the pedals, and that was checking it twice! Quality construction, this thing is quality and strong, I can see it lasting a long time even with heavy abuse. Thanks for a great item!

5 product stars
Great product - Mario M. - 11/28/2012
This work great with PS3 GT5, R factor and Iracing, I can finally drive without ABS and not block wheels on every corner and it is lighter then any real race car I drive on track And I must said that John is great guy and TOP seller and I can recommend him to anyone, he really offer top customer service. Again thanks John for Yours effort and great product looking forward for Yours next projects

5 product stars
Sweet - Jack Roussy - 11/27/2012
Agreed with Steve. I was afraid the lack of pedal travel was going to be difficult to get use to, not at all, didn't take me long to get use to it at all. It has a great feel, I'd even go as far as saying a more realistic feel than the CSP load cell. John's mod took the T500 pedals to the next level, they were good, now they are great. Thanks John. Regards: Jack

5 product stars
A Must Buy - Steve Greenwood - 11/20/2012
OK I've had my Bodin brake mod nearly two weeks and had enough time on it to make a call. It took around an hour to get used to the feel and adjust to the sensitivity of it and probably two or three sessions for it to become instinctive, over the last week I've had two races a F3000 and a WTCC and with both cars I feel I get the same benefits from the mod. I've not gained any lap time over the original T500 pedal (with Thrustmasters own mod) but what I have gained is consistancy, which in my mind is of greater value. Since getting used to the mod I haven't made a single mistake under braking, the feedback through the pedal is truly awesome compared to anything I've tried before and is the nearest feeling to a real brake I've experienced. Would I recommend it to anyone ? YES is it good value for money? YES, waiting for this to be available I very nearly went out and bought a set of fanatec pedals, I'm glad I waited and saved my money! Great mod John, what's next? (a realistic clutch maybe?)

5 product stars
Excellent! - Chris - 10/30/2012
Purchased and installed the pedal and in the first 2 hours of testing dropped my average lap times drastically. I just won my first race with the mod on a brake heavy track and I was braking twice as far into the turns as the others were. Best purchase I've made next to the T500 itself. Thanks again John! Excellent work!

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